She was pretty


One day,
I started thinking about something.
I started thinking that main characters are not only in dramas or movies.

In reality too,
there are people who live like the main characters, and some who live as supporting characters…kind of thought.

But now..

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Winners by Danielle Steel


It struck both of them that it took so little to either destroy a life or rebuild it.

There was only a hair’s difference between the two.


Ketika saya berulang taun kemarin,, sang suami nan baik hati bertanya, mau makan apaa,,

dan saya yang ketika itu sedang selalu super ingin makan steak tentu saja menjawab klo kepengen makan steak,,

dan kesinilah kami malam itu,,jreng jreng jreeeeng

lokasinya di Marina square

lokasinya di Marina square

suami masih dengan baju kerja nya :D

suami masih dengan baju kerja nya 😀

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