Mie Tasik

Lets eat!!

When I went to Magelang, i tried this mie tasik which is recommended by my friend. You can take public car to reach this place, this place near SPBU make it easier to find.

ill show you how it looks like

Even I ate this yamin  at Magelang (this kind of noodle called yamin in Bandung, my hometown) which majority taste of their food is very sweet but this noodle  almost have the same taste with yamin Bandung.

You can try it if one day you come to Magelang,, I’ll give you the address and phone number in the end of this post, see youu!

Mie Tasik

Jl. Mayjend Bambang Sugeng No 12, Magelang

Phone: 081578794499


Tahu Pojok

havent been to Magelang if you havent eat at Tahu Pojok.

Magelang has a specialty food, which is kupat tahu (rice cooked inside coconut leaves, soy beancurd slices, eaten with peanut sauce).

I already told you about the difference between kupat tahu magelang and kupat tahu Bandung at my older post.

This time ill tell you about the famous place which sold this kupat tahu. The name is Tahu Pojok.

You can get there by public transportation, direct to alun-alun or mosque (people there will tell you where the tahu pojok is).

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Wedang Kacang

ill introduce you to a dessert came from Magelang, Indonesia.

its called wedang kacang.

if you go to Magelang, Indonesia (its near from Yogyakarta area), you can go to Pajang street (if you dont know where it is, u can ask anybody there, Magelang people is very kind).

at Pajang street, u will find this

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Hotel Sriti Magelang

ive been to Magelang,, and i stayed at Hotel Sriti.

me and other friends stay at family room,,two beds and one bathroom

(sorry the room still on mess :P)

weve got free breakfast buffet on little restaurant at Sriti Hotel

fot further information please visit http://hotelsriti.com/

Hotel Sriti Magelang

Jl. Daha No 23 Magelang

Jawa Tengah – Indonesia


Email : hotel_sriti@yahoo.com

Phone: (0293) 363347-48