Every Woman

almost cried when listened to this song ='(

this song said about everything that i cant say

love this song sooo much!!

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Kekasih Sejati



aku yang memikirkan
namun aku
tak banyak berharap
kau membuat waktuku
tersita dengan angan tentangmu

mencoba lupakan
tapi ku tak bisa
mengapa begini

oh mungkin aku bermimpi menginginkan dirimu
ada di sini menemaniku
oh mungkinkah kau yang jadi kekasih sejatiku
semoga tak sekedar harapku

ku coba lupakan
tapi ku tak bisa
mengapa begini

repeat reff

bila kau tlah menjadi milikku
aku takkan menyesal kelak
telah jatuh hati

repeat reff

semoga tak sekedar harapku


Letter to japan

From the west to the east I have flown to be near you
I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you
And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet

My beloved, oh my sweet
All the gifts you have given me
The patience and the peace,
Cherry blossoms and the candy,
I am yours, I am yours
For as long, for as long as you will have me
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Life – Des’ree

I’m afraid of the dark,
‘specially when I’m in a park
And there’s no-one else around,
Ooh, i get the shivers

I don’t want to see a ghost,
it’s a sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast and
watch the evening news

Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo,
doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life,
oh life, doo, doot dooo

I’m a superstitious girl,
I’m the worst in the world
Never walk under ladders,
I keep a rabbit’s tail

I’ll take you up on a dare, anytime, anywhere
Name the place, I’ll be there, bungee jumping,
I don’t care!

Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo,
doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life,
oh life, doo, doot dooo

So after all is said and done
I know I’m not the only one
Life indeed can be fun, if you really want to
Sometimes living out your dreams,
Ain’t as easy as it seems
You wanna fly around the world,
In a beautiful balloon

Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo,
doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life,
(repeat till end)

[des’ree – Life]

Ne Yo – Mad

lagu yang selalu membuat gw sdikit calm down klo lagi terjadi sesuatu,,

She’s starin’ at me
I’m sittin’ wonderin’ what she’s thinkin’
Nobody’s talkin’ ’cause talkin’ just turns into screamin’
And now it’s I’m yellin’ over her, she yellin’ over me
All that that means is neither of us is listening

And what’s even worse?
That we don’t even remember why we’re fighting
So both of us are mad for

Nothing, fighting for
Nothin’, crying for
Nothing, whoa
But we won’t let it go for
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You cant hurry love

mama said, “You can’t hurry love,
No, you just have to wait.”
She said, “Love don’t come easy,
It’s a game of give and take.”

“You can’t hurry love,
No, you just have to wait.
You got to trust, give it time.
No matter how long it takes.”

(But, wait!)

No, love, love don’t come easy.
But I keep on waiting, anticipating,
For that soft voice to talk to me at night.
For some tender arms to hold me tight.
I keep waitin’. I keep on waitin’.
But it ain’t easy. It ain’t easy.

“You can’t hurry love,
No, you just have to wait.”

[Diana Ross n The Supremes – You Cant Hurry Love]

1000 oceans

These tears I’ve cried
I’ve cried 1000 oceans
And if it seems
I’m floating in the darkness
Well, I can’t believe that I would keep
Keep you from flying
And I would cry 1000 more
If that’s what it takes
To sail you home
Sail you home
Sail you home

I’m aware what the rules are
But you know that I will run
You know that I will follow you
Over silbury hill
Through the solar field
You know that I will follow you
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Ready to Fly

Verse 1
I open my eyes the world seems a different place,
The colours are brighter and the air is sweet to taste.
see it’s like I woke up from a nightmare that tied me down,
I was smothered and trapped inside a sleep way underground

Pre 1
Its time I learned to fall,
To say the word goodbye.
To feel the sunlight on my face,
Maybe that means…

I’m ready to fly,
I wanna breathe in and breathe out and be who I am,
Let go of fear wanna feel alive.
I’m ready to fly,
The more that you hold me back you set me free,
You help my heart decide..
Maybe I’m, maybe I’m ready to fly.

Verse 2
Where is your faith, where is your love for me?
Why do you fight the things I imagine in my dreams?
See the poison is strong, an addiction is tough to break.
But love is the hardest thing I have ever had to shake. Continue reading