Hello again Changi

At February 15th (a day after valentine :p) my pretty baby, her daddy and me go back to Singapore.

A week before the moving day was very hectic, amusing and desperate. I have to pack all my stuff and my baby stuff! arghh!! I dont know what happened to my stuff, they seems to grow a lot in these past 8 months. I remember exactly, when I came to jakarta 8 months ago I just brought two big luggage. and now? ahhh I think I need a cargo ship to bring my stuff back to Singapore.


Too much stuff but too small space makes me have to leave some stuff such as my dearly handbags, my precious necklaces, my gorgeous dresses, and my lovey dovey flat shoes. two weeks before the day, I stopped shopping online, its my prevention from letting my stuff growing (yes, I’m a genius!)

I packed my stuff based on priority. First priority goes to my baby’s, such as her clothes, cloth diapers, toys, feeding stuff, bathing stuff and her medicine. Second is my beautiful weapons, every woman needs to be beautiful all the time, right :p. And the last one is my clothes. Short story, all my bags were packed and still lots of stuff left :p
Finally 15th February. Raizel’s grandmas and grandpas wants to send us away. Everyone wants to cuddle raizel before boarding, raizel moved from hands to hands (like a basketball) :p.

Raizel crying sleepy when boarding time, she sleep for a while but wake up when the plane ready to take off. According to my friend ukie, I have to breastfeed raizel when the plane take off, preventing her ears from the effect of pressure difference. But, when I want to breastfeed her, she refuse it. She push her head inside my arm and crawl there. Later I realized why she did it, she poo!! haha. After seatbelt sign turn off, I changed her diaper in cabin’s toilet, its not easy because the toilet is very small! and my baby moving like she’s dancing, so I let her stand while I change her diaper.

btw, this is Raizel’s first flight!!! yeaayyyy!!! overall, raizel being very nice along the flight. and when the plane ready for landing, agaiinn raizel poo!! hahaha. Pressure changing doesnt effect her ears, but it do effect her bowel hehehe.

Hello again changi airport, this time I brought my baby with me, her name is Raizel, she said: 
nice to meet you 🙂

We went home by taxi, raizel start to sleep again. She woke up when I put her in her new cot. Welcome home, my baby 🙂 from now on, there will be mommy and daddy. Our little family reunion 😀 hopefully we will always be together and never lived separately again, aminn


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