Carbo and my baby

when my baby start to eat carbohydrate, she was having a hard time to poo. after 5 days eating carbo, her poo only as big as a coin although she pushed so hard.

I tried to massage her stomach and give her foot exercise to help her intestines do it’s job :p beside all the massage and exercise, I gave her more water to drink.

so, is it working? hmmm, maybe 😀 because not too long after all the things I’ve done, she sleep at night but suddenly she awakes and start pushing. I helped her by exercising her foot. and voilaaa she did her big business (although in the middle of her night sleep).

I was definitely happy, but still I have to clean the ‘mess’ *hyukkk*
cleaning her cute butt is not easy, she cant stop moving her legs until her right toe lay on her dirty cloth diaper and covered with all the ‘mess’ -___- . I need to clean her butt and toes very quick because she started to move clockwise like a clock (possibility for the mess to spread everywhere is 90%).

oh my pretty baby, even your ‘mess’ smells like bad dream, and I have to clean it with my own hands, I still love you :*


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