Size 14 is not fat either

Meg Cabot’s book.. do you know this writer? I knew this writer since Im in high school or early college maybe (fufufu forgot :D)I like her style, easy to read, easy to understand, and very ordinary life.

today I will review one of her book, the title is Size 14 is not fat either. first time I saw this book, I tought this is kind of romantic comedy novel as usual, but it is not.

there’s some mystery inside that cute white cover.

This book is about a pop-star, an assistant dorm, an ex-boyfriend, a brother’s ex boyfriend, a detective wanna be, and a murder.

all that words I think is enough to describe the book 😛

if you like mystery you can read this book, if you like romance you can go for it also. in simple way, the book is the mix of mystery and romance.

a piece of story review from me:

a pop star turn out to be an assistant dorm director who found out one of the student is murdered. she feels like she know who is the murderer, and do all the detective thingy by herself and many times be warned by the real detective and her ex boyfriend’s brother.
theres some lovey dovey scene between her and some guy around her while she sneaks to search the real murderer.

ok thats all, if you want to know the rest, you should buy the book and read it by yourself 😀

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