The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Live turtle & tortoise museum located at Chinese Garden, Singapore. have you been there before?

I will guide you to go there. Since the MRT is the common transportation and easiest to use, so you can take MRT to chinese garden station.

And then you can walk to chinese garden, theres a map in front of chinese garden gate, you can find where the turtle museum is or you can ask people there.

Here it is,the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

first of all, you have to pay 5 sgd for 1 entry

Lets come inside! 😀 there are a lot of glass aquarium. each species separated in different aquarium. ill show you some species of them

there are still many aquarium left but I didnt take their photo, you can see it by yourself when you go there and you can see some description about each species there 😛

Lets step outside aquarium area, theres something interesting at the corner outside aquarium,, for you, who believe in fortune 😛

Here they are :

close up:

Almost forget, in this museum,you can feed the turtle

in this pond, theres alot of small turtles which can be fed. Around the pond, theres also big turtle which you can touch

they are not fish 😛
you can touch them 😀

ummm if you didnt have a picture with merlion statue, in this museum theres also a small merlion statue 😀

Our Live turtle and Tortoise Museum tour ended here, please come to this museum for live excitement 😀


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