Duck Tour

Last new year, me and my husband buy two duck tour tickets for new year’s eve.What is a duck tour? its not a real duck, its a vehicle (maybe used to be military vehicle) which can go on the road like a car and on the water like a boat.

We went to Suntec City to take our tickets on their booth  at Suntec City (we already booked the ticket)

After we got our tickets (and so the other people), a duck tour’s staff gather us and separated us into groups (the grouping is for duck allocation).

I took a  picture of the parked duck while we wait the departure of the ducks (ummm actually the truth is my husband took a picture of me and the duck :P)

zoom in at the vehicles


Finally, its time to go with the duck!

Every duck has their own name, my duck name is Darla.

this duck height is higher than usual car, and it feels ‘WOW when we ride it along the road. Every duck has music and a tour guide, he talked about every history of Singapore and its landmarks.

This duck is an amphibious vehicle, we can ride on road and also on the water. The amazing part of this duck trip was when the duck start to walk to the water. and it really can float on the water.

the route of this new years eve tour duck is from Suntec City and then the duck will take us around marina bay and ended up in front of the fireworks place just before the fireworks light up at midnight (so we can see the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the boat)

What a great experience 🙂

And I’m wondering, where will we celebrate the next New Years Eve? 😛





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