Little car for my little nephew

Last month I met my nephew. Before met him, I already buy a toy for him, it looks like a real car, a yellow one. When I met him, I always brought him a car, but I cannot remember what kind of car and the color of each car.

This time I gave him this car from Toys R us.

After I gave him this car, as usual we played together (and I cannot understand why he likes to play with me). Sometimes, when a child do like to play with you that much, you cant rest moreover sleep 😛 .They will insist to play although your adult body is crawling for little rest, so sometimes all I can do is just hide and sleep until he found me and (again) ask me to play with him.

When we played together, we used to play battle between all the heroes and cars, and make impossibly scenario between all the heroes and the monsters. In the middle of our game, he asked me “aunty, why you always bought me a car?”. My hand stop making irritating move of the power ranger. I started to think ‘why’, but I dont know either, I just like to buy him something that can be played along with him. So as a wise adult who dont know the answer, I asked him back “you didnt like the cars?”.. And he said “I like it!” (and continuing to make the monster in his hand jump with very strange position)

That’s kid. They are always cute in their way, arent they? 🙂


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