Movie Theatre at Changi Airport

When we went to Hongkong, our flight schedule was after midnight. Because we didn’t want to missed our flight, we came early.

Although we came too early, we didn’t get bored because there are lots of things that we can do such as this movie theater.

I thought this movie theater just some chairs with a TV screen, but when I came inside, I knew I was totally wrong.

Im looking for a tiket booth or something, but there isnt any there.

I saw movie posters at the waiting area, theres two movie playing

I came inside the dark room behind the blue curtain. And wowww, it is a real movie theater (even the size of the screen not as big as the real movie theater). You can just sit anywhere you like, as long as the chair is available.

You can came in and out anytime you like, but dont disturb other people who is still watching the movie. Time is running so fast while we stay watching there, it is almost time to boarding 🙂

So, if you came too early at Changi Airport Singapore, you can sit-relax-enjoy this movie theater 🙂

For further information, you can see this link movie theater Changi Airport


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