Little fellowship

Hello hello, I would like to introduce you the little fellowship. There are three of them

(they name is item, kuning and lanang *from left to right)

They are good friends, you can look in the picture above they love each others 😛

I have no picture of Lanang beside that picture above, thats because Lanang is not camera face (I tried to take his pictures but he always move when I take his picture. Or when he is standing still, his pose was really really not good, even worse he looks very-not-handsome. I dont want my cat looks ugly because actually he is handsome enough 😀

Ill show you the pictures of Item, I took few pictures of him.

This is my first shoot

How??!! Batman look alike!!! Cool, Black, and Confident! (*I think its not Batman’s tagline*)

Big body, like Batman!!

Have unbelievable strength to (almost)  knock down the tree

Even when he’s looking at the other side, he is still looks like Batman (isn’t he?)

This is last picture of Item, he closed his photo session (still) in Batman pose 😀 (so cute!!)

Ill continue to my last cat of the little fellowship, here it comes Kuning.

Kuning is naturally born catmodel, this photo taken naturally. Im not put him behind that rock or make him stand still like that. He did it by himself, and he didnt move so I can take his good picture 😀

What? You didn’t believe me that he is naturally born to be a model? ill show you the next picture

See!! even he is licking his nose when I take the photo, he is still super cute!!! and totally handsome!!!

Adorable and prestigious :))

uuuuuurrrrr He’s so cutttteeeeee and handsommmeee, Im speechless because his cuteness :)) Every side I take his photo, he is always CUTE! His fur, his eyes, his tiny nose, his pink lips, his perfect-standing ears, his neck fur, all of them make him more and more and more cute..

(will you throw up if I said cute once more?) this white shock cat really2……..

I think its time to say goodbye for now.  Kuning will represent the little fellowship to give you a warm handshake 🙂

See you next time …


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