The Karate Kid

Me: Lets watch Karate Kid!!

My Husband: Is it good?

Me: Ooof coursee, its Jackie Chan’s movie!! (I say it with high spirit)

My Husband: Ok then

tatatatatata….. *****we watched the movie together******

While watching the movie I came to some conclusions,,

1. The movie is not as good as I wish

2. Because the movie not as I expected, I thought that it is not that Karate Kid movie of Jackie Chan, maybe this is another Karate Kid (since I didnt saw Jackie Chan in the movie)

Even so, the movie is nice, kind of family movie. You can watch it with your family- your children-your parents.


Its the time to update my blog, I think about this karate kid movie to write down on my blog. I search the cover picture of this movie, and found it

anddd I very surpriseddddd,,omyygoddddd I saw the second name on the left corner. IT”S JACKIE CHAN!!!!! HOW COME!!!

I shout straightaway to my husband that the karate kid we have watched together is Jackie Chan’s movie.

And.. he laughed.. he said ”Yes it is!”

and I said “but Mr Han on that movie is not Jackie Chan, the face of Jackie Chan that I remember is not like that!!!” *still insist :))

and i look that poster again, wondering that it is the famous Jackie Chan. How comee he is so different, so I search another picture of him.

See!!! Totally different!! Jackie Chan should have those smile, and those hair style!!! but on Karate Kid he is not smile and didnt do something fool or funny, and not having this hair style (so it isn’t my fault to not recognize him,right :P)


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