The Avengers

The Avengers…!!!

(ok ok calm down,, I knew you already watch this movie,,)

Good movie, isn’t it? I think its not that great but 2/3 part of this movie until the end is almost great.

The Avengers, they are Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye  and Black Widow. But, why I felt that the main character is Iron Man? ehehe maybe because I like Iron Man’s personality. He is so funny and has very high self confidence. All I can remember from this movie is how Iron Man did this-did that-kill it-kill those.

Even in this movie poster, Iron Man is the one who really looks big and he is the one at the front (isn’t he? or just my imagination?)

One thing that you should see from this movie is after credits scene. if you have watched this movie, you probably know what Iron Man want to do after they finish the battle. Annndd after credits, there is a scene which show The Avengers did what Iron Man want (still use the worn out after battle costume 😀 even in that scene they’re not talking, but this scene is so funny (for me :P)) –> is it spoiler?

Keep it up, Iron Man! 😀

(Am I supposed to change the title to Iron Man rather than The Avengers? :D)


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