Little Furball

I went to hairstylist near my old office, and …….. I met this cat,,

(she doesnt want to met you yet, so she turn her back :P)

this cat has very soft fur, its like she did creambath or hairspa (or maybe furspa :P). it makes her like a furball 😀

(now, she want to see you :D)

this cat is tame, she want to sit with me and lay down around me,, ooooomaygadd, she is sooooo cuuuuutee. Because theres nothing more I wanna say, except ‘cute and cute and cute and super cute’ which will annoy you until the rest of this post, so I’ll just post her pictures here without any comment (umm maybe there will be ‘little’ comment)

  she doesnt mind being touched by me 😀 *superr happy!!

she jumped by herself to the chair where I sit and lay down there pillowed by my bag 😀

(she slept beside my bag)

she was peeking when i take her picture while she was sleep :))

okkkaay thats all, I hope will see you again Furball! 😀


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