Oriental Circus

Once upon a time, me and my husband went to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. While we stay there, theres a circus show. Of coooourse we buy that show tickets (actually just me who insist to watch that circus). There is 5 class of ticket,  VVIP,VIP, Utama, Class 1 and economy.

My husband buy two Utama tickets (60.000 IDR each).

and we got our ticketss!! Yeaaayyy!!!

after buy the tickets, we walk to entrance, because its almost the show time

the circus show opened by some acrobatic actor and else

ill skip the so-so attraction, il just show you the attraction that I liked such as this elephants show, this elephants were so funny, they can sit, and did the weird position in a cute way 😛

theres also tigers, oooo this creature is amazingly freeze my eyes on it, they are soooo  beautiful and sooooo strong and handsome 😀

for 60.000 idr,I satisfied with this show. I hope they treat the animals well, and give them proper food 🙂


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