Ghost at School

Everyday, before go to sleep, me and my husband turn on youtube in playbook (his tablet) and type ‘Ghost at school’ 😀

yeah, why we choose this movie? its all because of  my husband’s suddenly idea to watch scary movies, but turned out that the one scared all the time is him 😛 (he always push the playbook so close to me)

back to ghost at school, why I liked it? its because theres a cat in the movie whose name is kaya (a cute black cat like my cat Iko). on the first episode, Kaya is possessed by a ghost spirit called Amanojaku (since that time, Kaya can talk -> its so cutee!). At each episode, Satsuki (the main character) has to put one ghost back to sleep. For an anime, this movie is thrilling 😛 because early episodes, the ghost is around the school,but the next episodes,  the location of the ghosts is spreading. The scary thing is when the location is the same as the location I used to go in real life (like home, or railway, or street etc)

Even sometimes its scary, kaya (the cat) is always cute and reduce the thrill situation 😛 But i have to say goodbye to kaya after the last episode (episode 20). Nice movie!! keep it up Japan!! 😛


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