21 Jump Street

movie agaiiinn!!

have u watched police academy? this movie story is about police too, the difference is… umm too much different things between those movies :P.

ok start with the cast, theres two guys in action Jonah Hill (as Schmidt) and Channing Tatum (as Jenko). This two guy has the same high school but came from different world, Jenko is the popular one and Schmidt, i know you know what is the opposite of popular 😀

Times fly by, this two guy end up at the same police academy. Schmidt have good brain but really pathetic in physical activities. On the other side, Jenko really good at physical activities but really sucks in numbers. Suddenly they become friends and teach each other until they graduated as official police officer.
The two became partner but they are really-really not good at their work, so head office transfer them to other division at 21 Jump Street.

In this 21 Jump street the story began. They have to be a high school student to find drug dealer. After that, comes lots of funny scenes. as usual, I wont tell you the rest of the movie, so you can enjoy watching by yourself 🙂

This movie tell us about fun, giggles, effort, trust and bestfriends 🙂

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