The Lorax

hello again,, today ill tell you about the movie we (me and my husb) watched recently,,


The lorax is an animation movie about a boy who lived in a small town which doesnt have any real tree nor plants,, and since the air is amazingly bad for health but everyone is happy. theres a company who sells air inside gallon containers for everyone.

Live goes on while everyone doesn’t mind about situation, but theres a girl (who is the beautiful version of a girl for a young boy name Ted) who really-really love trees, the real ones. She wants a real tree rather than fake ones (on that town all the trees can be moved by remote control and using battery to operate). Ted which really likes this girl start to search for the real tree.

After all the search thingy, Ted comes to the truth behind all the fake trees. Theres a guy named Once-Ler who’s greedy enough to cut down all the trees for his own business and left the town without any trees left, since then the air is getting worse.

I think this movie is really good because of its story. I really like the story, teach us and remind us to keep our environment green. The lorax is good for kids too, so the kids will know that the trees is really-really important for our life.

Oups almost forgot, hows the ending of this movie? of course i wont tell you 😛 at least i can tell you that the rest of the story is how Ted makes the town back alive with the real trees and fresh air 🙂


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