Koko, our great black cat after Memeng and Iko.  He was my father’s favorite one. They used to have lots of time together. while my father is smoking, koko always sit beside him. when my father awake at night, he used to go to garage and have a chat with koko (i can surely tell you that koko didnt spoke at all) but its like theres some mysterious understanding between them=))

every 9-10 pm my father always open the garage, he let koko stay there until morning come. Koko always sleep on the car’s roof inside garage. if after 10 pm koko didnt come home, my father usually go arround neighbourhood to find him and carrying him home.

and almost all of my cat disappear when they passed away, they never choose to leave this earth at our house. I thought they didnt want us to become sad 🙂

so, I make this picture in loving memories of koko 🙂


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