My Father’s Room

I used to go to my granny’s home. Its a big house with  room for each of her child. But, when I have to stay there, I cannot freely relaxing at my father’s room. Ummm its not because his room is smaller than other room, it was as big as others. The problem is the room is awfully full!!

My father is a kind of person who never throw anything to the garbage can, even he is not using it anymore or his stuff is already old. Somehow you can found my grandfather’s stuff there, my father said if we throw out that stuff, my grandfather will be sad and cry (and I’m too scared to hear my grandfather’s sob, so I rather let my father keep them than push him to give them away).

Yes theres always impact from my chosen decision, the impact is  ‘we cannot lay down and walk freely inside that room’. Ill let you see his room with your own eyes so you can see how amazing my fathers at keeping stuff 😀 (I’m sorry before, I used my old phone camera, so the picture is not in good quality)

humm what can I say about this picture,, this is the left corner of his room. Can you see theres a single bed with white pillow and the stuff scatter above it (plastic bags and papers). I cant mention one by one because i didn’t know also what exactly those are. beside this bed, theres another bed but my camera cannot capture that wide. Can u see the floor? no? haha theres floor right beside the bed but fully covered with stuff (so can you imagine how to reach the bed from the door? ill tell you the answer is walking on tiptoes and lil bit jumping :P)

it was supposed to be clean floor which used to be stepped by feet (but again it is covered with stuff!!) Oh father, what did you collect until the floor is gone? 😛

at the right corner theres a worktable with comfy  leather chair. How could I know that chair is comfortable? umm i have succeed trying to jump and crawl across the table and other stuff to feel how is it like sitting on that chair 😛 and from that time I always persuade my father to take the table and the chair to our home (but rather than this table, he take another big metal table to our home. the table looks almost the same but the feel is totally different :P). theres alot of books and notes at his room, sometimes I take one and use it for myself and my father didnt even notice moreover remember 😛 because theres too much stuff .

old big wardrobe 😀 I like it!! agaiinn, i asked for it. And…. again he came home with another hardwood wardrobe different from this (but I prefer the one he brought home, more cute!! the colour is soft brown and the shape is cute :P). He said this wardrobe is already full with my grandfather’s clothes (told me that he must taking care of my grandfathers clothes –> sounds a lil bit scary isnt it?).

Camera!! found this in the middle of the stuff which scattered around the floor. uuhh what a pity, it has to be placed at cupboard or display desk 😛 sooo retrooo!! I remember that we used to use this camera while i’m still a little kid 😀

ooowww owwwww OLD RADIO!! cute in his way!! 😛 FYI, this radio is still working. Sometimes when I stayed at that room, I’m turn it on. And still in good condition except the dust which cover it without any guilty feeling.

My father’s winning trophy . Theres another kind of winning trophy  beside this one. He is a basketball player, tennis player and golf player. ‘like’ his daughter (me), I have (watch) basketball player, tennis player and golf player at their match 😛

those two old stuff will end this room tour 🙂 I hope you enjoy the tour, see yaaaa!!


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