Lesehan Yogyakarta

Ive visited Yogyakarta (at Java Island, Indonesia), but it was just for a  short stay . So im making the best use of my time (very very best because i just have one night :P).

What is the most famous road at Yogya? I believe almost everyone knows hehe, yeah its Malioboro. I went to that street at night, and what did I found?

A place to eat, this place is quite interesting. they served customer at road side, they put their food in front of the store which close at night.

all the food they served are traditional food, the taste is so good. Almost all  javanese food have sweet taste (of course they served gudeg, Yogya speciality). I really enjoyed that night, with the cool weather and night-road scene 😀

almost forgot, we also sit on the straw mat (adding to the enjoyable scene :P)

There, almost all the people eat with their hand as spoon (they said it taste better if we used our hand while  we eat 😀 but I think you must wash your hand first. If you didnt wash first, maybe your food will be sooo tasty, tasty because of germs *yiyyaa )

since so many kind of food being served, i become confused about what will I choose for my dinner hehe. So i picked gudeg (of course) with egg and krecek,, *slurrpp *drooling

I hope you can try this food also, reader 😀


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