Water in Singapore

Ive been in Singapore for two weeks, many things interesting. One of the interesting things is water.

In here, i can drink the water direct from tap water. We use the same water for cook, wash and bath. Im so curious with this water, so i ask Mr. Google with keyword ‘pub’ and found this site. From this site, i know that Singapore have desalination plant, the result from this plant are water which passed more than 65,000 scientific tests and surpasses World Health Organisation requirements.

Singapore has not many natural  water source, so they maximize what is in. They collect rainwater and used water, they have reservoirs and rivers as water source (and also imported water). After desalination process the water is distributed by PUB. Every month people who have PUB account at their house has to pay the bill.

At my house (in Indonesia) the water is not good for consuming. First time im here, im a little bit disgusted that I must drink water directly from the tap water (because im not used to do that). So im putting the water inside a bottle and save it in refrigerator, after its become little bit cold, i can drink it without feeling disgusted. But, after two weeks i think i can drink it direct from the tap water 🙂

Im really respecting Singapore’s government for their water systematization.

(While im reading pub website, sim city game crossing my mind 😀 *have you played sim city? we have to do desalination and managing water as good as we can do if we want our city lasting long*)


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