Tahu Pojok

havent been to Magelang if you havent eat at Tahu Pojok.

Magelang has a specialty food, which is kupat tahu (rice cooked inside coconut leaves, soy beancurd slices, eaten with peanut sauce).

I already told you about the difference between kupat tahu magelang and kupat tahu Bandung at my older post.

This time ill tell you about the famous place which sold this kupat tahu. The name is Tahu Pojok.

You can get there by public transportation, direct to alun-alun or mosque (people there will tell you where the tahu pojok is).

I know you want some pictures right, no picture = hoax 😛

This is just a simple place, theres no air conditioner there, but theres a fan (it helps reduce hot weather and sweat :P) and clock (so you wont forget the time for going home or back to work  :D) .

Theres something interesting about how they serve customer. they placed big table at the center of the place, they sliced the kupat and tahu there. we can see all the ingredients which were added to our plate. Ill show you their big table (or cart?)

Heres the woman own the tahu pojok while making kupat tahu

I can say that kupat tahu here is so delicious, i have tried the other kupat tahu at Magelang, but this is the best.

Im so happy eating delicious meal,, btw how i found this place? i have been told by Magelang people, and not just one person, many of them recommended this place. I thought i can understand why 😀


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