The Book of Eli

Finally I watched this movie, since my husband insist to watch it together.

what can i say about this movie?

not much color in all the scenes, i thought this movie story was about the past.  Theres white, black, grey sometimes brown color. But i was wrong, this movie is about the future, where theres no clean water, no proper food, no green plants, all the building and the street is damaged.


As  the title : “book…” i am sure this movie has something to do with a book. and yeah im definitely correct, Eli always brought a book with him. He put his life on that book, he has to deliver that book to the west. After war, all same kind of book like that was demolished. The book hes carrying is the only one left, he knows that at west theres a place which needs it.

His travel to the west wasn’t easy, there were criminals out there who always attack travelers and took away all the traveler’s belonging, or beat the traveler until they are dead and eat them. Beside all the criminals, theres also people who wanted that book so bad.

Is he gonna make it to deliver the book? do you want to know what kind of book is that? I thought you have to watch it yourself 😀 If u ask me, how was the movie? ill say its not bad, but i didnt recommend this movie as a great movie.


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