Miss Gold Digger

Yesterday, I watched a movie with my husband.

im the one who picked the movie, so i chose korean romantic-comedy movie.

The title was Miss Gold Digger.

I dont know why, when i watched korean movie,  i always fall for the main actor. He always looks good, so manly, just a perfect guy (thats why i like  watching korean movie, beside that all the stuff always cute and the woman always wear nice dresses)

And we started watching, the story began with a woman who work at IT company, she has 3 boyfriends.

First boyfriend is a guy who will go for District Attorney test. She thought if this guy pass the exam, she will be able to live as DA’s wife which will bring pride to her.

The second boyfriend is a rapper, always drunk but can sing well. This guy is famous in one nightclub.

The last one is a guy whos very rich, he gave her a lots of expensive things.

as time goes by, one by one of those guys show their true faces. the DA guy is leaving her with a daughter of his boss. Rapper guy is making lies about their relationship to show off to his friends. and the rich guy is a weirdo who has a fetish with hands (he likes to kiss her hand and almost eat it, soo weird)

suddenly she lost all the gold maker she has, but theres a guy who was her neighbor which she troublesome alot. After troubles she made and her lost of all the guys, this guy realize that he likes her.and then are they going to make a nice couple together? humm she went to France for study, and the guy decided to wait for her to be back  in korea. And what about the woman?  you’ll know after you watch  this movie 😛 whether she will wait for the guy or finding another gold maker at France 😀


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