Wedang Kacang

ill introduce you to a dessert came from Magelang, Indonesia.

its called wedang kacang.

if you go to Magelang, Indonesia (its near from Yogyakarta area), you can go to Pajang street (if you dont know where it is, u can ask anybody there, Magelang people is very kind).

at Pajang street, u will find this

the place is a small house, but always full of people who want to eat there. i warn you not to come at thursday, because this shop is closed 😀

although the place is small, its still enjoyable.

i know, u dont want to wait any longer to see how wedang kacang looks like. Here it is

the nuts seems hard to bite, but the truth is it isnt. the nuts is soo soft, the taste is so good. Wedang kacang is not just composed of nuts, theres also sticky rice. Yummm it was so good to eat wedang kacang in rainy days.

I almost forgot, this shop also sell bananas with  something white (i dont know the ingredients of that ‘white’ thing which is covering the banana. it tasted chewy, delicious because combined with banana inside.

this one after i bit :

hope youll like it, reader. Bye for now 🙂


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