Kebabs n Curries

Hello you,, are you starving?

lets go to a nice place to eat,,

first u have to go to Mustafa Centre, its the building which is famous as  souvenirs selling place, although it sells other goods also.

here we are at Mustafa Centre building, and then where will we should go?

look around, u will find the signs on the floor like this :

just follow the signs,, and u will end up here

lets go up there,, and here we are on the roof top where the restaurant is. it looks like a dome. right,, cool!!

WoooWWW!! im in a giant glass ball 😀

They would serve you with free drinking water, but they also sell another kind of drinks

this is first page of the menus book, maybe you want to read a little story about this restaurant.

After we take a look at the menus, me and my hubby chose Chicken Tikka Masala, Ghee Rice and Veg Pulao. Why we choose those menus?

We choose those after googling it 😛 we dont want to order the wrong food, and regrets 😀 (because we dont know all of the menus except the word ‘rice’)

This is The Chicken Tikka Masala (8,30 SGD) :

This is Ghee Rice (4,50 SGD) :

And the last one, Veg Pulao (5 SGD) :

Yummmm,, sooooo delicious!!!! if u are the one who like food rich with spices ull like this restaurant.

(take a picture outside restaurant before going home :P)


Kebabs n Curries

Mustafa Centre Rooftop

171 Syed Alwi Road

Singapore 207704

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