here I am,, sitting around clothes,,

so many things happened,,

but yes, God always do the right things,,

I hope God will gave me another opportunities for having what ive lost a week ago,,Aminn

although my stomach still hurt,, sometimes i cant move,,

but i can smile, i can walk, i can meet my husband, and i didnt cry (sometimes i did it when nobodys around :P)

thanks for being with me for two months

thanks for making me very very happy

thanks for help me making the right decision and moving with my husband

thanks for giving me strength for choosing this path

thanks for showing beautiful black and white pictures to me (ill keep it with all my heart)

thanks for makes me stronger than before

thanks for makes me saw you twice and i can still see you in my mind

ill always love u dear


3 thoughts on “Pack!

  1. Tantii…*big hug*
    insyaallah nanti, Dia yang akan menyambut Tanti&Prima di surga..
    Yang kuat yah Non..semoga keinginannya cepat terwujud..*smooch*

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