Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Do you like penguin?

How about penguins? 😛

Mr Popper got a penguin as a souvenir from his father. his father is a man who traveled to alot of far away places and leave him alone with his mother. When Mr Popper freaked out by that penguin, another box came to his house and brought him 5 more penguins! 

Mr Popper hated them first time, but as time goes by he started to love the penguins, even when 3 penguins laid an egg each. he stayed beside the eggs until the eggs hatched. But theres one egg which didnt hatch, mr popper got disappointed and gave up at the penguins and gave them to the zoo who wanted them from the very beginning. The head of the zoo made mr popper believed that penguins are just animal, they just like fish and dont feel any love.

Time passing by, Mr Popper knows he was clearly foolish. Mr Popper, his ex-wife and children went to the zoo to visit the penguins and get them back. But they cant find them anywhere, until they know that the head of zoo traded their penguins with other animals.

Can Mr Popper get them back? U can watch this movie to get the answer, u wont get bored because the penguins is cute and adorable 🙂



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