she called

Me: halo
Mom: kenapa suaranya kok gitu?
Me: bangun tidur
Mom: jam segini kok baru bangun,,uda sarapan belon
Me: belon
Mom: sarapan dulu
Me: iya,,
Mom: ya udah ya,,cepetan sarapan
Me: iya

That’s my mom,,calling me at saturday 10am,,the truth is, I woke up couple hours ago,mom,, but the reason why my voice sound bad is I’m fighting with my husband just a minute ago,, u just called at the wrong time mom (or is it the right time?),, I can’t tell that my voice getting worse after crying, so I said that i just wake up,, and since I just wake up, I can’t say that I’ve finished my breakfast, right,,

Listened to my moms voice just make me wanna go home,,mom, is married life so hard like this?? I have noone here,mom,, I can’t share with anybody,, I can’t share with you too,mom,,because that just make u worry,, I just hope that ill stop crying, and there will be happy life for me,, would u help me pray for that, mom?


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