my ticket

couple month ago,, i went to dufan with my trainee friends,,pps BRI 28-29,,

management gave us some budget for refreshing,, so we used it for dufan,,

but, we have to arrange everything,, so we can eat and pay for the transportation,,

think,, think,, and think,,

horraaayyy suddenly came the bestttt solution,,

there is promotion from coca cola company,, if we buy 2 (**or 4? sorry forget about the number :P) coca cola we receive 1 voucher,,

with that voucher, we can buy 1 get 1 ticket dufan!!!! more ticket for free!!!


and we got tickets!!!

we got meal as addition 😛

andddd,,we gahe so much funnnnnnnn,, thanks bri,, thanks coke,, thanks friends ❤



2 thoughts on “my ticket

  1. tantiiiii, kangeen yaaa… Jalan2 bareng lagii yuuu.. ^^
    Btw, ca baru ngeblog jugaa, tp masi jelek n blm banyak tulisan. Ngeblog seru juga yaa ternyata.. hehehe.. 😀

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