Thursday half hectic day

today, there is a work called ‘akad kredit’

let me tell you what is it,, it is an event someone loan some money from bank.. akad this morning is about kpr,, loan for buying a house,,

8 am,, im still doing some revise about offering letter,,

8.30,, buyer and seller come to my office,,

9 am,, everything started with signing buying sertificate,,

after that, suddenly everything goes slower-slower-slower than before,, it caused is buyer and seller did not have deal yet about expenses,,

soooo im waiting at meeting room with my credit supervisor,,

10 minutes

15 minutes,,

they still talking,,

25 minutes,,

ill check out on them (**errrrrr they still arguing**)

30 minutes (**im starting playing with my phone **)

40 minutes (**almost finish browsing my fav online shop**)

1 hour,, finally they agreed,,zzzzZZZZzzZZZzz

fiuhhh this is the longest akad iv ever had,, (although theres is just 3 akad ive ever did since the first time working here :P)



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