bye bye

This is for my people’s who just lost somebody

Your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady

Put your hand way up high, we will never say bye

as a child there were them times

I didn’t get it but you kept me alive

I didn’t know why you didn’t show up sometimes

It’s something more than saying, “I miss you”

but when we talked too

all them grown full things separation brings

you never let me know it, you never let it show

because you loved me and obviously

there’s so much more left to say

if you were with me today face to face

i never knew i could hurt like this

and everyday life goes on like

i wish i could talk to you for awhile

i wish i could find a way try not to cry

as time goes by

and soon as you reached a better place

still i’ll give the whole world to see your face

and i’m bragging next to you

it feels like you gone too soon

now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye

and you never got the chance to see how good i’ve done

and u never got to see back at number one

i wish that u were here to celebrate together

i wish that we could spend the holidays together

i remember when u used to tuck me in at night

with the teddy bear u gave me that i held so tight

i thought u were so strong that u can make it through whatever

it’s so hard to accept the fact you’re gone forever

[Bye bye – Mariah Carey]


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