Last nite

Dia sesorang dr 4 tahun yang lalu,,

Dia yang bilang klo ga bole ada perasaan apa2 diantara kita,,

Dia yang bilang dia menyukai seorang cewe yang kita sebut aja A,,

Dia menyukai cewe itu 4 tahun yang lalu juga,,dsaat yang sama,,

Dsaat itu gw ngga pergi,gw stay there,,

Gw ksi dia semangat,,gw slalu dorong dia untuk berbuat sesuatu ke A,,

1 year,,2 year,,3 year,,4 year,,I always there,,did u ever realize??

even my own world is up and down,,I always have time for u,,I never stop care for u,,

when u sick,,when ur birthday,,u never know how hard to find ur birthday present,,I want something to make u never forget me,,I wanna make u happy,,

n then,,2 weeks ago,,u said that u had a girlfriend,,

I said who? U said,she is your friend since senior high school,,,

U said,,she said she love u,,so u try with her,,

But why???

If I say the same would u?

Or never be the same for me?

Why it’s so unfair?


N last nite,,I was watching movie with him,,

Finally, after 4 years,,a dream come true,,


Did u know,,I was crying?

Did u know,,what I feel?

Did u know,,I was so upset,,

Did u know,,ill never go anywhere?


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