My Super ExGirlfriend

Uma Thurman – Luke Wilson – Anna Faris – Eddie Izzard – Rainn Wilson – Wanda Syker


Ceritanya dimulai di pertemuam  Matt n Jenny di jalan,,

N then someane steal jenny’s bag,, Matt usaha keras ngejer tu pencuri,, finally dapetlah tas nya,,n akhirnya mereka kenalan lah n mule date,,

Matt satu tempat kerja ama Hannah,,n Hannah uda punya cowo seorang model,,Matt deket bngt ama Hannah,,Matt secara ga sadar suka Hannah,,tapi Hannah punya cwo,,n Hannah n Matt are friend,,

Setelah Matt n Jenny being couple mule bnyk masalah bcoz her power,,n jenny sngt cemburu ke hannah,,waktu Matt broke up with Jenny,,jenny marah n terus2n ganggu Matt,,

When Matt broke up ,,Hannah too,, so they end up together,,they finally see that they love each other,,

What happen with jenny? There is Barry,,a friend from junior high school,,he is deeply in love with Jenny, but now he try to destroy Jenny’s power with a rock which can absorb her power.

The end of the story,,,,,,,,,

Jenny n Barry,,Matt n Hannah,,n Both Jenny n Hannah have power,,



Jenny :

But if u loved me so much,,

then how come you’re always trying to hurt me.

Barry :

Because U hurt me,,

U broke my heart into million peces,,

U ignored me,, U left me behind,

So I thought, if I had the powers,,

U may learn to love me,,

The way I’ve always loved you,,


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