2 weeks ago

i cant understand bout boy,,guy,,

waktu mreka bilang udah selesai,,seharusnya it means the end,,tp knp masi sama?knp g ada yg berubah?

waktu mereka dket,,tiba2 mereka jd aneh,,i cant understand,,

2 weeks ago,,someone told me that he never want me again,,in 2 weeks i try hard,,i try to erase all bout him,,my feeling,,my memories,,all,,

but,,what happen now?

he act like nothing ever happen,,

i dont know what to do,,

all i have is gone within 2 weeks,,

i try to move on,,i wont to hold back,,it will hurt me,,n i really2 want to letting him go,,i really mean it,,for the best of us,,i dont wanna standing between the two of u,,ill go on my way,,although i dont know what will happen then,,but im ready for everything that i have to face by my self,,


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